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 The Treason Act

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PostSubject: The Treason Act   The Treason Act Icon_minitimeTue May 27 2008, 02:28

The ESF Treason Act
To defend the security of the ESF

The Treason Act is a set of regulations, at the core of ESF justice. It ensures that ESF interests remain protected in wartime and that the ESF remain free of traitors. The Treason Act as several basic laws, and amendments may be added as time progresses but the original are as follows:

I:Double Clanning:
1. Double Clanning is not permitted as per standard ESF Naval Doctrine since the introducement of the clan on the Void Freelancer server.
2. Double Clanning refers to the a member having or seeking to obtain membership in any clan that may conflict with ESF goals and is not ESF Sanctioned. Exceptions to this are the AoF and clans that do NOT play on the BSG Server. Communities are not under the jurisdiction of the Treason Act.

II: Information Declassification:1. This law does not affect the releasing of information not related to ESF military or anything posted in the public section of BSG Forums.
2 It is illegal to release or post classified ESF information regarding the military.
3.Use your head, remember: "Lose lips sink ships"
4.Anyone found releasing Confidential information will be punished severely.

III: Punishment:
1. Anyone accused of breaking any of these laws and or amendments, with sufficent evidence, will be brought before a Tribunal.
2. The maximum punishment is the reposseession of all clan items and credits and the expulsion of the offender from the ESF.

IV: Proceeding:
1. To be accused of breaking these laws, the Plaintiff must present evidence that rules against the Defendant.
2. The Council must appoint 3 judges to judge the Defendant.
3. The Defendant wil always be given the right to post.

The Treason Act Combatrabbits
Army: A body of men assembled to rectify the mistakes of the diplomats.

The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.
--George Patton--
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The Treason Act
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