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PostSubject: =ESF= Void Clan members Backgrounds   =ESF= Void Clan members Backgrounds Icon_minitimeSat May 10 2008, 12:32

ThX to Electra for writing these on old forums/ members giving in their own... as we all split up i think we shoudl keep these...

Red Dragon: code name **Red Dragon** is a liberty project created to be a one man armie. Just after being completed and activated, the base was attaked and destroyed by the nomads. Red Dragon somehow escape before the base exploded.Now bether equipted, he is one of the most deadlliest people on sirius.

Black Dragon : code name **Black Dragon** is a copy of the project **Red Dragon** , the data of that project was stolen form a outcast just before the base exploded. The outcast brought the data to planet Malte to build there own one man armie. Finally the project was finished and they named it Black Dragon. The only thing they missed is that instead of programing it to destroy all order, they programed it to help all order. the day later after that programing black dragon left the outcast and join ESF to help the order. He is as skilled and smart as project **Red Dragon** but for some reason he dos not talk or act like him.

Electra : Electra is the last of her kind. she was created by the Dam Kavash 2000 years ago to keep guard on the Nomads. After the nomads destroy every of her kind she went into hiding for a tousands of year. With all the Dam kavash knowlege in her brain she dos not trust easelly but for some reason she trusts ESF clan. It a priority for the ESF of keeping her alive since her data of the Dam Kavash may be the solution of destroying the nomads. With her natural abillity of shapeshipting she changed into a HOT and SEXY humain model.

Xenon : Part of one of the biggest clan, the DIE clan. One year ago the whole clan was ordered to go to nomad 1 and destroy a small fleet of nomads. It wasnt a small fleet it was a BIG ambush fleet. The whole clan was killed on that day exept for him and a few DIE members. Xenon, with his amazing leadership, created ESF clan in the memories of DIE clan. His skill with a ship are as amazing as his leadership.

Fallen Maris : Fallen Maris was a angel in fight against evil. In a big battle, demons owerwhelmed him and he fell into darkness. The demons gave him a choice, to be destroyed forever or to spread darkness through Sirius. He chose the second choice, and joined the 666 Satanic Army, the Devils force in Sirius. After a lot of battles and destruction, he started to feel guilty of the pain he coused. He managed to rebel against the 666 and flee among the humans of sirius. Demons chouldont convert him back to evil neather destroy him, so they banished him into a human form. He became a sworn enemy of evil, particulary 666 clan. He joined the best of the best, the Elite Sirius Fighters, to spread peace and destroy evil, to correct the evil he coused himself...

Virus : **Virus** is a 800 year old experimental computer virus, created by the Coalition foces to take host of a ship. When the Allience send there Sleeperships to the sirius sector, the Coalition send **Virus** on the sleepership named Hispana. One's the Hispania was in sirius, Virus was activated, he destroyed the main hyperdrive. Half of the crew went to planet Crete, the other half tryed to continue until the Hispania was badlly damaged in omicron alpha. Virus unable to host a ship was suck on the Hispania. 800 years later, a outcast wondering why the Hispania was damaged downloaded the ships data with Virus in it, a few seconds later, Virus controled the ship and killed the outcast. 1 week later Virus found his way to New York and began killing everyone there. A few minutes later, Xenon was called to destroy Virus. After a long and hard battle, Xenon destroyed half of Virus ship so that he wont host any other ships. With many modification of the Order they changed Virus so that he would figth on there side. Virus was amazed by Xenon's skill with a ship that we wanted to join his clan. Virus was the ability of analising the oponets thecnique and copy it perfectlly, making him a hard target to destroy.

Scream : scream is the little brother of a former famous ESF member, Darkness. Darkness was on a scout mision in the Temple systeme and somehow vanished, we have declared that he is "missing in action". Scream, folloing in his brother steps in ESF, wants to know what happended to his brother and were he is. Scream has surpassed his brother in his skills with a ship and is one of many Elile in Sirius

Dog : as it was said hundred of years ago, that dogs were mans best friend, Dog was Xenon's best friend. They grew up together and joined DIE clan together. When DIE clan was ambushed by nomad, Dog did not escape with a few DIE member and was presume dead witch made Xenon really sad. But Dog wasnt dead, he launched his escape pot just before his ship exploded and was found by a robot patrol. One year later, Dog healed of his wounds, learned that Xenon had created a clan named ESF and joined his clan. He is loyal and deadlly for all the enemies of ESF.

Amun'ra : Amun'ra was a legendary egypitan fighter in the coalition. At the final battle at pluto, the Nomads arrived, at that moment were everyone was amazed at its beauty, amun knew that that they were going to destroy the whole systeme, so he raced to the hangar to his ship. When he got out of the Coalition mother ship, the Nomads were all ready charging there weapons, with little time left, Amun went into a 10 second light year speedy away form from the systeme. He did it just in time, the Nomads blew up the sun that destroyed the whole systeme. Still having million of miles to get to sirius and having a ship that never loses power, he put himself into freezing and fell asleep. 50 later, he reached the sirius systeme but something went wrong, instead of stoping and waking up Amun'ra. The ship continued going strait, until a planet in Omicron major stoped it. Even though the ship was badlly destroyed, it was still working and Amun'ra was still frozen and sleeping.
750 year later, the ESF clan were looking for a place to call it home, when they found at a planet in Omicron major, a youngh man in a very old ship still working. Xenon woke up the man and trained him. Even though it was been 800 year since he killed someone, he has not lost his legendary skill of killing.

Die : Die was a legendary bounty hunter, who was feared by every pirate and rogue. Able to destroy a whole fleet by himslef, he has never found someone matching his skills, until he battled Xenon. After losing for the first time, Die joined the ESF to met other elite people in Sirius. Destroying every enemie in his way, Die will not rest until all his enemies are dead.

Wolfie : Wolfie was once were a very bloodthirsty wolf...800 years ago he was catched by the humans for a experiment(to make him a prototype of organic wolf pilots)...then the coalition started invading Jupiter when Jupiter Space Station X-351 was the last space station outside jupiter the prototype was finaly finished but for no use...the humans had to flee...they froze him down and launched the sleeper ships...but Wolfie's computer chip got broken in the organic he started killing the humans he saw...He was recatched my H.F.U and they switched the chip with a newer...the brain then was controlled by the chip then and it was set to freelancing mode...but somehow Wolfie found a way bypass the chip when H.F.U left the sirius for some unknown reason, they left in a real hurry...Wolfie then just flew arround killing every1 he saw...then he met the Syndicate who looked like a evil clan and Wolfie kinda loved evil...he wanted to join but got age restricted cuz he was from the coalition war...the answer was : your to old 2 join syndicate...then ESF catched him as H.F.U did and reprogrammed the chip 2 work for the order...after 800 years he kinda lost his figthing skills...but the ESF trained him again...he connects 2 the ship controlling with a old radio signal from the coalition war but he somehow made a reprogram to the Anubis MK2 he flies and then uses hes old radio signal

Apocalypse : Apocalypse is the older brother of Erasure, who are both the most famous mecenaries know form there amazing capture. at a time ESF clan had problems with the syndicate clan. Xenon dint want any of his friends getting killed, he payed Apocalypse and Erasure a lot of money of a suicidal mission. 24 hours later they returned with the mission completed and the target killed. Xenon was extremelly impressed and offred them to join there group where only the best were gathered.There most famous was the capture of presedent Jacobi presedent of Liberty in her own office.

DARKGHOST :Born in the colonies Ghosty trained as a Viper pilot and when the great war broke out he served the alliance as a assassin. He was assigned to work with a secret squad called the Ghosts, each member was named after a colour and then born was the Ghosts. They were sent around the universe assassinating Coalition Officials and at the time when the alliance looked as it was to be lost was ordered to search for a new way of life for the Alliance. They spent 5 years searching for a new homeland for the Alliance and when they had reported a new location they were to late. The sleeper ships had be launched and the war was over. As they were now alone with no way to trace the sleeper ships they begun to settle a new life among the systems and found a new home in serious. They spent their days fighting off the nomads in nomad 1 and when asked by Admiral Xenon of the ESF to join their cause accepted. On the way to monkey outpost the nomads launched a fleet to destroy the ghosts, only 1 survived , The DARKGHOST.

Trinoone : Trinoone is the best monkey pilot in the whole monkey armada. Fighting for the survival of his race and to destroy the nomads,Trinoone is legendary among the monkeys. A few monghs ago, while the construction of monkey outpost at Nomad 1,Trinoone and a small monkey group were defending Monkey outpost until it was opperational. But the nomads dint want to wait until it was completed, sendding a huge fleet to destroy Monkey outpost and everyone defending it. Trinoone and the small monkey group were all caught by surprise. Outnumbered and outgunned, in only a few minutes the small group o Elite monkeys was allmost all killed, Monkey Outpost was half destroyed and Trinoone's ship was on fire. But when all hope was lost, Xenon, every ESF and a small Order fleet joined the fight. After hours and hours of battle, Monkey Outpost was saved, but the death toll was high, 1/2 of the small order fleet was destroyed, all the monkeys in the small Elite group was killed and 3 ESF were killed in the fight. But Xenon, Trinoone and all the other ESF were still alive and stayed at Monkey Outpost to protect the bast under it was completed. A week later of Rpotection MO was finally operational, Trinoone was thouched by the bravery of ESF and gave Xenon two gift. The first gift was the control of Monkey outpost and to use it as there main base. The second was a lifedept to Xenon for saving him form the nomads. A lifedept is the most honorable thing a monkey can do to someone, it means he will stick with someone until the end of his days. After Trinoone joined ESF clan, Xenon accepted his gifts and used Monkey Outpost as there main base. Trinoone is still alive in ESF clan and killing all who is a treath to his honorable lifedept to ESF clan.

Honor : not much is known form project **Honor**. Its a military prototype created by the Tin-Tin-Mok-406, a robot supercomputer designed to develop a new mind set, one of honor and glory, to give the robots an unheard of emotional edge in battle. It is said that this one and only prototype was the first robot to actually fight with a passion, to feel it had reason. Honor, was the name of this program, honor was the chip itself, and was to be inserted into the AI of a select few robots, to be the next generation of Robot pilots to fight in the nomad war. However, during the time of its creation, the robots were going through an internal power struggle of their own. When the power did shift, so did the objective of the robot, one that was far from popular and was illogical. Some say that the robots were hacked by some kind of evil, and were to be made as puppets to serve that evils intentions. Fortunately not all robots were affected, and the situation was soon restored back to normal. But, during this time of confusion, the creator of the program “Honor”, which was unaffected by the ploy of evil, quickly, and without warning destroyed the program and itself to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil. All but save one, the only prototype in function at that time, which was given one last instruction by its creator, to fight evil wherever it may exist, and to assist any and all who may need it to turn the tide against all evil. After some time this prototype became to be know by all of those in Sirius after the program that made it what it was, “HONOR”. Rumor has it, a pilot named Xenon found the robot on a planet and brought him in his clan.

Zare : Zare is a legendary bounty hunter that is feared by all pirates in rogues in Sirius. Able to destroy fleets by himslef he has never met a equal, that was until he met Xenon. for a while Xenon had a small bounty on his head and Zare was determine to get it. Finaly he found Xenon and chalenged him. After a hard fight Xenon won but did not kill Zare. Zare was impressed by Xenon's skill and wanted to join his clan. A few days later the bounty on Xenon's head was taken off and Zare joined his clan to met more challenging opponets.

Spud and Serenity if u post a story background for urselves i will add as u guys havent got 1 and are the only 2 we still in contact with that dont... as for members of ESF Void Clan that arnt in this , im sry but ur not here to write the storys anymore...

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