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Many others fear us

But all learn to respect us

The Elite Sirius Fighters have a roleplay of Order or Colonial.

We are ready to fight to the last gasp and we know,

it is only the dead who have seen the end of war.

We Are a Mighty Force Rising From the Shades Of the Sirius Sector .. You Can Find us in the Most Dangerous Areas in the Sirius Sector. Our RP is Colonial Military. We Some times Attack Anyone and sometimes Protect anyone, but we dont Ally with Cylon Clans, Rouge Clans And Pirates except under special Circumstances. We are also Blood Money MERCENARIES but we Practice Our Killing on Cylon Clans. Our RP Supports Colonial Armies in the Quadrant And this Can be Changed if Attacked by Colonial Clans or our rp changes. The main thing is, We Support and Defend Colonial Clans who Ask for Our Assistance.

Our main system is Ragnar in which we are known of as its' Guardians , we protect and patrol the Ragnar system hunting down enemy convoys spotted in this area , this is our home system, and our home base is Ragnar Anchorage.

Elite Sirius Fighters operates on both BSG-Dawn of War and Void servers as main Clan HQ's and also ESF has some branches on other servers like Battlestar Galactica Exodus and WTS world, each Branch has it's own leader in command , and it's own diplomacy and such - this website and forum is for the Dawn of War branch lead by Battlespud, Commander of the Elite Sirius Fighters Clan.

Elite Sirius Fighter Servers

BattleStar Galactica Server - Freelancer

BattleStar Galactica Exodus Server - Freelancer

Attention! Announcement from Commander Spectre.
Fri Oct 24 2008, 04:51 by Spectre
Hey guys,

I am planning on starting an =ESF= branch for Battlefield 2142.

It'll probably be renamed something like Elite Special Forces, Elite Strike Force, or Extremely Sucicidal Frakers...

Anyway if any of you guys plays this awsome game, just post your soldier name, rank, and class/specialty/preferance below.

You can also PM me here, if enough people say 4-5 join up and can play, …

[ Full reading ]
Comments: 3
If you like Ogame, try out Cybernation
Sun Nov 23 2008, 18:26 by Battlespud1

And you better use this link so i get a bonus Wink

It's a bit similar to ogame, browser based etc.

Comments: 12
Model Competition
Sat Nov 29 2008, 19:01 by Battlespud1
We need a custom model for the ESF clan base. As well as a texture. Do your best and it must fit these categories:

-Have a colonial emblem on it somewhere
-Have places for turrets
-have a hangar like area
-be big
-be sexy, like me.

Post links and pics i n this thread.

Comments: 1
Freelancer Community Network added
Sun Nov 02 2008, 22:30 by Wolfie
well, as u see FLCN is added at the top of the forum

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-= Elite Sirius Fighters =-

We Are a Mighty Force Rises From the Shades Of Sirius Sector .. You Can Find us in the Most Dangerous Areas in the Sirius Sector. We are Elite Colonial Warriors that will stop at nothing to find freedom and peace from the Cylon menace. We will fight, whatever the cost.

But we dont stand by and watch piracy either. We will defend ourselves and the Colonies when the citizens of the 12 colonies need it.

Founder XENON -

Commander - BattleSpud
Fleet Alert Level: SEVERE :::We are At War:::

We are At War with KOS

Admiralty : Code Orange

Marines : Code Orange

Navy Personel : Code Orange

Guards : Code Orange

All Fleet Forces, Stand Ready for Combat At All Times.

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