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 Clan Ranks - Including Departments

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Admiralty - Admiral
Admiralty - Admiral

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Clan Ranks - Including Departments Empty
PostSubject: Clan Ranks - Including Departments   Clan Ranks - Including Departments Icon_minitimeWed Apr 30 2008, 23:39

Once you join you must go to the first Department of Navy Personell.

Naval Personel
Tag : =ESF=N*NAME[Col]
New members to ESF that have not yet been placed in a department must earn their way to be put into one. Basic Ranks involved are:

- Recruit
- Deckhand
- Qualified Deckhand

The process of getting through this group is as follows: you are a recruit for 1 week, you then move to Deckhand for 1 week and then complete a test which is PMed to you , once completed you join the Qualified Deckhands where you can apply for different Departments within the ESF.

Tags : =ESF=A*NAME[Col]
Receive PvP training to a standard but also receive training in the daily operations and running of the ESF clan - Eg. fleet Co-ordination, diplomacy etc.

Ranks involved are as follows...
- Admiral
- Captain
- First Officer
- Gunnery Sergeant
- Staff Sergeant
- Admiralty Staff Hand
- Senior Crew Personell
- Crew Personell

Tags: =ESF=M*NAME[Col]
Military-Focused department of the ESF where members that want their skills layered in the art of PvP and Combat. These soldiers receive the greatest training on PvP and combat techniques, with the aim of preparing for combat and only combat. They don't train in extraneous skills such as Diplomacy and Admiralty jobs...

- Master Chief
- Sergeant
- Corporal
- Commando
- Marine
- Cadet

Everyone gets training in whatever field they want it, and it's simple to run on a day to day basis... there are positions for members to earn.

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Clan Ranks - Including Departments
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