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Marines - Master Chief
Marines - Master Chief

Number of posts : 202
ESF Rank : Master Cheif
=ESF= Department : Marines
Registration date : 2008-05-03

PostSubject: =CLAN RULES=   =CLAN RULES= Icon_minitimeSat May 03 2008, 12:59

1- You Must Post a SS Showing Your Chars All in The Specified Area on =ESF= Forum.
2- You Must Not Kill Any Player Under Rank 20.
3- You Must Not Open Fire On traders as its Considered Shamefull.
4- You Must Not Regen in Battles Or use F1 Key.
5- You Must Not Swear , Insult , Flame Or Produce bad behaviour in game.
6- You Must Read =ESF= Diplomacy and Follow it with full Respect.
7- You Must Post SS showing Your Frags Details once per week in the Specified Area on =ESF= Forum.
8- Branch Leaders And Co-Leaders Of =ESF= Are the Only Authorized Chars to Change Diplomacy Or Declare Wars.
9- New Recruits in branches will Have 30 Day Trial And 2 Targets to Kill , Which will be Specified by Leader And Co-Leader.
10- We Accept No Multi-Clanning And if Occoured then it May Result Of us Letting you Go from =ESF= Clan.
11- You Are Not Allowed to Moan under any Circumestances inside the Game , Even if you get Killed by the Meanest Ways , this behaviour is Totally Denied And Moaners Will be Punished.
12- ENJOY!

If you break any rules you will be punished after a Leader and Co-Leader discussion.
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Number of posts : 295
ESF Rank : Commander of BSG-Dawn of War
=ESF= Department : Admiralty
Registration date : 2008-04-28

PostSubject: Re: =CLAN RULES=   =CLAN RULES= Icon_minitimeSat May 03 2008, 18:32

Do these apply for all branches, caus eas previously stated some wont work for BSG

- Killing Traders is a common thing as thats how you stop the enemy from buiulding basestars and ugrading.
-Frag details, im not sure if you can get those off server, tohugh i will check of course, and they are likely to not be accurate as a BS is so uberly overpowered it takes tons of people to bring one doewn with quite a bit of dyeing and in the end one kill for one person. not to mention, that the server has a little problem giving credit and usually just says they died, not who killed them.
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